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VCT by Ripe Vapes 60ml vape juice is a redefined flavor of the famous vanilla and custard with a velvety caramel tobacco.

When you inhale VCT ejuice, that rich vanilla custard flavor washes over the palate. This custard is creamier and smoother than any other custard flavor out there. Then, on the exhale, a nice and smooth satisfying caramel tobacco flavor completes this spectacular vape tasting experience.

VCT vape juice by Ripe Vapes comes in a 60ml dropper bottle. Vape enthusiasts who enjoy chasing large and puffy clouds, as well as experiencing solid throat hits, will adore the 70 percent vegetable glycerin and 30 percent propylene glycol base.

Do you have refined tastes when it comes to vaping? VCT eliquid s is a sumptuous flavor that isn’t like anything else out there, as it will blow you away thanks to its high-quality ingredients and of course, an exceptional taste.

Package Contents Include:

1 x 60ml dropper bottle of VCT by Ripe Vapes



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