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I Love Salts Peach Mango Ice 30ml Mad Hatter Juice consists of juicy and tropical mango and nice southern peaches that are blended with a rich smooth creamy base. Think of freshly picked Georgia peaches colliding with tangy mango slices to create a great summertime refresher.

Peaches get to work, lifting your mood with a brightness that reminds you of beautiful orchards in Georgia. Next comes juicy mangoes with a succulent tanginess that makes you think of tropical beaches. As the vapor sits on the palate, those candied notes come through, making the sweet tooth swoon. Then, when you exhale, a cold rush of iciness chills to the core.

I Love Salts Peach Mango 30ml Mad Hatter Juice arrives in a small bottle with an amazing cloud-chasing mix of 50/50 VG/PG.



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