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Your classic gummy treat with a tart twist! No 71 By Beard Vape Co. 60ml is a blend of sweet and sour gummy treats that are matched with sweet peaches to create the ultimate peach gummy treat. You won’t want to miss out on this decadent vape!

Juicy peach fanatics are always on the lookout for the most authentically peachy vape juice flavors out there. Beard Vape Co understands this quest very well. That is why they have given us No. 71 e-liquid, an exquisite liquid that is exploding with juicy peach gummy candy flavor. Made with the very best ingredients, No. 71 e juice boasts the sweet and tangy notes that you would get when biting into a beautifully ripe peach.

Best Buy No71 By Beard Vape Co. 60ml.

Take a vape with the yellow, red, and orange ring-shaped peach candy with No 71 By Beard Vape Co. 60ml in a 60ml bottle.

Upon inhaling the No. 71 vape, the sugary peach flavor bursts onto the palate and satisfies the sweet tooth on impact. As you exhale, tangy notes of peachy goodness tickle the taste buds and satiate your cravings.

No 71 By Beard Vape Co. 60ml comes in a 60ml glass dropper bottle. Its 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base give you large fluffy vape clouds as well as a smooth solid throat hit.

VG/PG: 70%/30%



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