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SAMS VAPE - FROZEN ENERGY BLAZE 60ml 3MG is a cool and energizing e-liquid flavor available at the SAMS VAPE online store. This e-liquid comes in a 60ml bottle with a nicotine strength of 3mg.

The FROZEN ENERGY BLAZE flavor combines the exhilaration of an energy drink with a refreshing icy twist. It blends the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits, zesty citrus, and a touch of cooling menthol. Each inhale will awaken your senses with a burst of fruity sweetness, followed by a cool and icy sensation that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

With a 60ml bottle size, you'll have an ample supply of e-liquid to enjoy for an extended period. The 3mg nicotine strength is considered low, making it suitable for vapers who prefer a milder nicotine concentration or are gradually reducing their nicotine intake.

SAMS VAPE is dedicated to using high-quality ingredients to ensure a premium vaping experience. Their e-liquids are carefully crafted and undergo strict quality control measures to maintain flavor accuracy and consistency.

Remember to handle nicotine-containing e-liquids responsibly, store them in a secure place away from children and pets, and follow the recommended usage guidelines for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.



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